Once Upon A Time The World Was Sweeter Than We Knew

Mercury is in retrograde and the customary communication breakdowns abound. Despite the fact that my life demands major decision-making at the moment, I refuse to make any until Mercury alters its course. Nothing like a good psuedoscientific excuse for the procrastination problem I developed in youth and sustain in adulthood. It's times like these when I really identify with Easy Listening songs sung from the standpoint of a 50 something year old man, wistfully remarking on the rapidity with which his life passed him by with a tone of hard-won wisdom and bittersweet remembrance. I felt especially attuned to these songs when I was about 14, when they should have had no relevance because I'd experienced... nothing. I clasped my hands under my chin, braces cutting into the tender lip-flesh, and thought about "yesterday, when I was young," which I suppose meant pre-6th grade, those True Kid days before my nose grew in and my boobs didn't and the social fallout and self-consciousness that followed. Those songs are approaching real relevance, as I spend enormous chunks of time either at a job where I answer a telephone in a singsong voice, or vocalize various stresses without making many moves to eliminate them. The future-- even less real than the present. I'll tackle it when Mercury moves forward...

Oh, also, that picture in the upper left came up a few pages into a google image search for Mercury in Retrograde.


My Cup Runneth Over (With Wet Garbage, Confused Hopelessness)

We came back from Oregon feeling financially and spiritually poor and physically ill. Summer feel-goods (the swimming, the board games, the dinners and plans) ushered in circa mid-June dissipated and although the weather remains hot, this Indian Summer has taken on a certain chill as sobering realities have settled like a fog around us. Why is everything so expensive? Why am so ill-equipped to handle life's least challenging adult responsibilities? Why is there so muchcat pee and wet garbage in the house? A recent horoscope implored me (and everyone else born June 21st through July 20th) to ask for help when I need it and quit trying to do everything by myself. Funny, I can't remember a time when I'd either achieved true independence financially or otherwise done anything successfully by myself, ever. I'm not sure what to do, and so I'm going to meditate on it for awhile, and by that I mean hole up someplace listening to a compilation I've made called The Saddest and Most Pathetic Hits of The Carpenters and wait for solutions to come. I AM WAITING.

Solutions Generated So Far
1. Save Money! Stop buying voluminous pants/bulbous jumpsuits, used books with titles like Heal Your Hormonal Imbalance With Wheatgrass and Occult Practices, organic foods, and hand-fired clay nose douches... and start stealing them?
2. Eliminate Fruit Flies: read up on "home remedies" on the internet, keywords "trick fruit flies" and "voodoo fruit fly end times" and employ them.
3. Reality Check! You'll never afford to not live with 12 people with your job! Use next paycheck to buy tent, join popular nationally- renowned Tent City.
4. Repeat mantras! Try