Scrap Everything Pt. 3

In addendum to a previous post: The vacation is over.
I have foggy memories of leisurely walks in Palo Alto, musing over Ritter Sport varietals-- did it really happen, or was it just a dream? We've spent what feels like a long time garnering experience for a lifestyle guide entitled Exhausting Your Resources and Wearing Out Your Welcome. Some noteable chapters include, Chapter 1: Is Your Mom Cool With Us Staying Here?

We've bounced from Palo Alto to Santa Cruz to San Francisco to Davis and now, back to Sacramento, thanks in part to the kindness of friends and family, and to our own inability to make any plans come to fruition. These times have not been without fun, but were tinged all the same with stress over not knowing where to land. Once we finally decided, OK, we're going to Portland, a comic misunderstanding with our ride left us without a ride at all. I hesitate to write what our next tentative course might be, as we seem to be at high risk for jinxing. There have been only two constants in our lives, and they are the World Cup and the film and television career of Kyle MacLachlan. These minor consistencies are comforting in this uncertain time.


Ritter Sport: New Flavor Suggestions

Ritter Sport is one of my favorite chocolates, conveniently located in the impulse buy section at fine grocery stores. They have the expected fillings, as well as some more exotic choices, such as Yogurt or Cornflakes. As I snacked merrily away on the Ritter Sport Milk Chocolate with Butter Biscuit this afternoon, I thought of some other flavors, sure to be popular:

FRENCH'S FRENCH FRIED ONIONS- familiar crunchy pizazz is not limited to casseroles anymore!

BEEF N CHEDDAR/SLOPPY JOES- the savory, stick to your ribs chocolates for men that eat like a meal

JALAPENOS- the chocolate with sabor from south of the border.

MACADAMIA CRUSTED HALIBUT- Your evening plans for a fine dining experience at Chili's with the gals fell through, but you can still savor this "catch of the day" chocolate

BENADRYL- Who says warding off allergy symptoms can't be decadent and indulgent? May cause drowsiness, definitely causes a flavor sensation.

ACTUAL BEES- "live from the hive"and enrobed in milk chocolate, for a sweet "sting" that stays with you. Pairs well with the Benadryl Ritter Sport.


Scrap Everything Pt 2: Done!

Admittedly, we didn't really scrap everything so much as stuff it into our parents' houses as the prologue to a novel entitled Your Worst Nightmare, Mom and Dad! Chapter one details the packing of several pounds of beans, musical equipment, and a suitcase containing some ill-fitting 90s jeans (not the best decision) and big silly shirts into the trunk of our friend Yan's Prius heading towards an unoccupied condo in Palo Alto. Since then it's been endless hikes,trips to the beach (Half Moon Bay, Bolinas), poolside lounging, playing music, and of course, bean-based cuisine. Gone is that familiar anxiety-based stomachache-- it has been replaced entirely by beans. Had I known that quitting my job would be so luxurious, I would have quit long ago.

Up next: planning our next move for when the vacation's over/we run out of money.